Nuclear Risks

Nuclear Risks

Remembrance Lecture: Free live event in Central London & also on-line

Saturday 12th November 2pm

Kate Hudson, General Secretary CND UK

Nuclear Risks in the Light of the Ukraine War

Welsh Church of Central London
30 Eastcastle Street
Oxford Circus
London W1W 8DJ

& online.

Each year, the Movement for the Abolition of War holds a Lecture to mark Remembrance day. This year, we were delighted to welcome Kate Hudson, General Secretary CND UK.

She writes: “At the start of this year, the hands of the Doomsday Clock were set at 100 seconds to midnight – climate crisis and the risk of nuclear war put us at greater risk of Armageddon than ever before. A few weeks later the situation dramatically worsened as Russia invaded Ukraine; nuclear threats are now common currency yet our government pursues policies that make nuclear war more not less likely. How has this happened and is there a way out for humanity?”

The video of the event is here: