The Movement for the Abolition of War

United Nations


  • To raise awareness of the work of the UN among the public, in schools, and among MPs


The Charter of the United Nations was signed in June 1945, by 51 countries. It now has a membership of 193 separate states.

The Preamble to this Charter is the most striking part of this international agreement. It starts with this aim: ‘We the Peoples of the United Nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war——‘ True, the Charter itself is an agreement between States. But do not forget that it begins with ‘the peoples’ and the ending of war.

The UN has taken many positive steps in the direction of global peace and justice – in health, the environment, education, human rights and the protection of children. But most people have little idea of this. The Charter remains, for most, an unknown document. Scepticism is common about the effectiveness of the UN despite all that has been achieved.

How do we build up recognition of the UN as the one body which can deal with global problems facing humanity? MAW is a strong advocate of a renewed and reformed United Nations – for example reforming the Security Council, widening representation especially for large groups which are not ‘nation states’, giving the UN a proper budget, and a programme of public education.

Don’t be a spectator! Take your own steps to make the UN and its work better known and more effective. Go to our shop for our printed A4 card with the text of the Preamble. It could well go onto notice boards in churches, libraries and schools. It has on it the contact details for MAW and the UK United Nations Association.

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