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Afghanistan: MAW statement

MAW views with great concern the situation in Afghanistan, now that the Taliban have seized power. We hope against hope that the people of Afghanistan will not have to suffer again the cruelties previously meted out by the fundamentalist regime. But even before the takeover, there has been evidence of …

No matter how far HMS Queen Elizabeth sails, it won’t make Britain great again

Commodore Steve Moorhouse, Commander United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group, characterises the current mission by HMS Queen Elizabeth, her escorts and her aircraft, as “the most important peacetime deployment in a generation.” MAW President Professor Paul Rogers describes it as “the image of futility as the world’s most deadly security threats …


Celebration of MAW success

Nearly 70 friends celebrated MAW’s first 20 years at our online birthday party on 27 May – sadly with only a virtual cake! Our founder Bruce Kent started proceedings by recalling the Hague conference from which MAW was born and then outlined MAW’s many achievements since that time. MAW chair Tim Devereux showed gems from our new website, then led Mererid Hopwood (Professor at Aberystwyth University and pictured above left) and Paul Ingram (independent nuclear disarmament consultant, above right) in a thoughtful and optimistic conversation. There were searching questions from the audience.

Mererid spoke of Henry Richard, whose statue in Tregaron inspired her as a child, and of the recently-launched Welsh Peace Academy. The Welsh Peace Manifesto and the new Curriculum for Wales could help embed values of non-violence in children. Hope for a peaceful future allows us to see it and gives us the energy to work towards it.

Paul believes the military could be our best allies: they have seen the devastating effects of war. War is not in our nature although deeply embedded in our culture; but culture can and does change. We WILL abolish war eventually, because we have built a sense of possibility about human beings’ interaction with each other.

The recording can be seen above; in case you need it, the link is

Celebrate MAW’s 20th birthday!

“Saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war“ Thurs 27 May 2021, 7.00pm – 8.30pm BST Join us online as we celebrate MAW’s 20th birthday! BRUCE KENT and MAW Chairperson TIM DEVEREUX will be joined by expert guests, looking back briefly on our achievements and, more importantly, thinking about the …

Remembrance Lecture 2020: “Peacebuilding in the Post-Covid World”

Fabian Hamilton MP, Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament 7th November 2020 MAW Annual Remembrance Lecture2 pm Saturday 7th November“Peacebuilding in the post-Covid World” The event on Zoom was attended by more than 100 people, and after Fabian’s excellent talk, there was a lively question and answer session. You can …