The Movement for the Abolition of War

Free Resources

We have a selection of resources for free access, along with many Music resources on another page:


“From War to Peace”

Product - From War to Peace booklet

In late 2017, MAW  published a new booklet, “From War to Peace – Thoughts on the end of   Warfare”, a collection of quotations and illustrations which updates and builds on an earlier publication. “Wise and powerful words”. Download a pdf version here or buy it from the MAW shop.

“Ending War – A Recipe” by Robert Hinde

Product - Ending War Recipe booklet

‘Not this year, not in my lifetime, perhaps in yours, and with a strong probability in my grandchildren’s lifetimes, war will be seen as an unacceptable way of settling disputes between states. The aim of this book is to hasten the day.’ Download a pdf version here or buy this booklet from MAW shop.

“Remembrance for Today: remembering war, making peace”

Remembrance for Today

Readings, reflections, prayers and other resources to use around the time of Remembrance Sunday.

Toys for Peace

Presenting the Toys for Peace

As the MOD present their Armed Services range of toys, MAW present the peaceful alternatives. This document gives the background to the Toys for Peace and explains why the MOD alternative may not be as non-violent as claimed.

MAW Knitting Patterns

Ken and Barbie

Knitting patterns for doll-sized peace sweaters!
3 designs: MAW (shown here), CND & symbol, PEACE on rainbow background

Peacenik Patty

Peacenik Patty
Peacenik Patty - winter

Peacenik Patty is the first in a series of dolls based on the many characters who campaign for peace, persistently, stubbornly and always non-violently. Here, she is presented with her Summer wardrobe and a winter option. Dress your Peacenik Patty doll for those cold Winter events!


It Lives or it Dies

It Lives or it Dies

MAW publicity poster featuring the title text, images of the Earth and a nuclear explosion and MAW contact information. Size: A4

War – Refuse It or Lose It

War - Refuse It

The dramatic slogan is superimposed over a picture of our fragile Earth. Includes MAW contact details. Size: A4