The Movement for the Abolition of War

Generations together can abolish war

Generations together can abolish war

The Movement for the Abolition of War (MAW) is part of an ongoing world-wide uprising, challenging the inevitability of war and guided by the Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations signed in 1945; a vision of a world in which conflicts are resolved without resort to violence, to “save succeeding generations from the scourge of war” which to this day continues to bring untold suffering to humankind as well as deepening the climate crisis.

Read the latest Abolish War newsletter, September 2023, which includes:

• Join us to see how arts and culture promote peace and oppose war
• Bruce’s legacy and decades of activism celebrated in booklet
• Bonn sparks plan for COP28 session on military emissions
• Story of Argentinian conscript brought to an English audience

Acclaimed actor Michael Mears to give Remembrance Lecture 2023

We are delighted to announce that actor Michael Mears will give the MAW Remembrance Lecture for 2023
The lecture will be entitled “The role of the arts and culture in promoting peace and opposing war”
When? 2pm, Saturday, 11 November
Where? Oasis UK, 1 Kennington Road, London SE1 7QP
More information; download the flyer

Remembering Bruce

To remember our dear friend and inspiration, Bruce Kent, 1929 – 2022, MAW has produced two commemorative mugs: Hare and Tortoise and UN Charter
You can order from the MAW shop or download the order form

“Bikes for Peace”

Tim Devereux, MAW Chair
28th March 2023
Talk with wonderful slides of bike rides around Yorkshire & beyond, for peace and climate. More here!
See the video here!

MAW Submission to UN

“MAW is indebted to UNFOLD ZERO for alerting us to this call from the UN Secretary General and for contributing to our submission.” See our full text here

Sign the International Appeal for a Christmastime Peace in Ukraine

MAW is one of a number of peace organisations to have signed this plea for peace
Individuals are also welcome to join in
“We turn to the leaders of the warring parties: let the weapons be silent. Give people a moment of peace and, through this moment, open the way to negotiations.”

Tree for Bruce!

Poem for Bruce

Latest Newsletter

Abolish War newsletter

The MAW newsletter Abolish War is produced quarterly.

Nuclear Prohibition

Campaign: ICAN

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons marks the beginning of the end of the military hegemony of the nuclear-armed powers as nation after nation asserts its right to live in a world free of the threat of nuclear annihilation.

Remembrance 2021

‘Walls, Fences and Guns’ – How militarised and racialised capitalism is destroying the world
Asad Rehman, Executive Director, War on Want
2 pm, Sunday 14th November

Climate Change

Campaign: Climate Change

Climate change can increase the risk of violent conflict, so why don’t we redirect some of the funding for military technologies to help tackle climate insecurity?

United Nations

Campaign: United Nations

How do we build up recognition of the UN as the one body which can deal with global problems facing humanity?

Rethinking Security

Campaign: Rethinking Security

We challenge the narrow definition of “security” used by governments to justify military intervention. Human security means adequate food and water, education and healthcare, and a secure place to live on a planet not threatened by climate change.

War is not inevitable! Our aims are to: 

Spread the belief that the abolition of war is both desirable and possible

Raise awareness of constructive alternatives to war for resolving national and international disputes

Develop research-based materials and strategies to educate pupils, students, the general public and members of local and national government

Work with other people and organisations who are already active in the creation of alternatives to war

Inspiration from the Archives!

Lockdown reading?

Bill Risebero - Escape

Two recent books reviewed here: The Big Book of Wisdomby Larry CullifordHero Press Postnational Memory, Peace and War: Making Pasts Beyond Bordersby Nigel YoungRoutledge