Poem for Bruce

Poem for Bruce

This poem was read by its author, Mererid Hopwood, at the Tree Planting for Bruce, 4th March 2023 in Finsbury Park. See the video here.

Apostle of Peace

We watched the mind behind

the bright brow

think now is the time

to chime the bell of peace.

We witnessed how

the prophet of the periphery

strode out,

carrying the blue of the sky in his eyes,

beating the path of peace

with tall conviction –

a height that hid the bracken, bramble barbed bite

that burnt the skin of feet.

We borrowed Bruce,

and learnt how hope

is not a crossing-of-fingers,

not a wish,

but a will

that lingers past the longest night,

until it blasts a beam through the seam of darkness,

lifting the heaviest fright

now made light by love.

So, today,

what d’you say?

Shall we unsigh our souls,

throw away the chains,

and follow the path he lent us,

until peace reigns?

For the mind behind

the bright brow


that the time



and that

we bloody well ought to get on with it!’