Youth Competitions 2015 – results

Youth Competitions 2015 – results

Essay Competition “What Can Be Done to Abolish War?”

First Prize:
Andris Thompson, (UK)
​(Read the essay here!)

Runners up:
Mairiga Jonathan, (Nigeria)
Nur Shafiqah  (Malaysia)
Alemnew Gebeyehu Dessie  (Ethiopia)

Photography Competition  “What Does Peace Mean to You?”

First Prize:
Vijay Kumar (India)

Runner up:
Ahmed Abbas (Egypt)

Vijay Kumar ​’Colours Makes Us Same !!!’

The Colour Festival which is commonly called ‘Holi Festival’ in India is observed during the season of Spring; lots of foreign visitors come to India to taste the spirit of this festival.

Here we can see that a little Indian girl is celebrating the festival with two foreign visitors, one is from Denmark and the other from South Korea. It is a great example of the ‘Unity of Mankind’ to create a peaceful world to live in, avoiding all barriers like caste, community and so on.

Vijay Kumar 'Colours Makes Us Same'

Ahmed Abbas ​’​Peace’

Here it is placed in the image that the dove is the symbol of peace here in the picture there are two girls who looked to a state of joy and peace. And that the peace we make of the war and also we make. This solution will be featured Bedie people peace.

​As Marvin Gaye said:
‘If you can not find peace within yourself, you will never find anywhere else.’

Ahmed Abbas ​'Peace'