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Tag: Remembrance Lectures


2021 Remembrance Lecture

2 pm, Sunday 14th November

‘Walls, Fences and Guns’ – How militarised and racialised capitalism is destroying the world

Asad Rehman, Executive Director, War on Want

Each year, the Movement for the Abolition of War holds a Lecture to mark Remembrance day. This year, we were delighted to welcome Asad Rehman. Previously the Head of International Climate at major environmental NGO, Friends of the Earth, Asad Rehman is now the Executive Director of War on Want, a movement committed to ending poverty and inequality. His expertise has led him to be today at the forefront of the climate justice movement in the UK, and around the world, helping to re-frame climate as an issue of racialised capitalism, economic and social injustice. Asad is co-convenor of the Global Green New Deal Project to connect the climate crisis, neoliberal inequality, Covid and historical exploitation of the global South.

The video of the lecture is here.

The transcript of the lecture is here.

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